Artist: Jason Ratliff
Country: Indiana, USA

After the overwhelming response to the series, he returns with “Super Shadow”, featuring portraits of kids with super hero shadows. While design is his trade, Indiana based artist Jason Ratliff says art is his true passion.

From the artist: A friend of mine started a project that revolved around what adults wanted to be when they were kids. From ninja astronauts to water park owner, there were some pretty fantastic answers. To be honest, I can’t remember anything before artist. Which brings me to today.

Along with my wife and two cats, I’m a resident of Indianapolis, Indiana where I work (Art Director) and live (Artist). Designing by day. Makin’ art by night. My background is crowded with fine art and design, so my artwork is a happy marriage between the two. From piece to piece, the work might stray further to one side or the other, but never too far.

Jason Ratliff Jason Ratliff Jason Ratliff Jason Ratliff Jason Ratliff Jason Ratliff1 Jason Ratliff Jason Ratliff Jason Ratliff Jason Ratliff Jason Ratliff

*All imaged courtesy of For all purchases, please check out Curioos

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