Making its way to Melbourne Australia, The Affordable Art Fair is back again for its Spring 2019 edition. Installation art works, performance pieces, international galleries, and a rare live performance by local artist Emma Hack.

Whether you’re a curious first-time art buyer, a life ling connoisseur, or simply an art fair aficionado, the Affordable Art Fair Melbourne offers up an eclectic assortment of art both local and international. With a pricing model of $100 – $12,000, the Affordable Art Fair is often the first step in any art collecting beginner. “Whether it’s a household name or future star that you’re looking for, there’s sure to be something to suit your space, taste and spend.”

Affordable Art Fair Melbourne (Spring) 2019

Fair: Affordable Art Fair (Spring) 2019
Location: Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Australia
When: 5th September to 8th September

Affordable Art Fair Melbourne 2019
Affordable Art Fair Melbourne 2019

The Affordable Art Fair has become somewhat of a global phenomenon during its 20 year history, with some proclaiming that it has a place along side “The Other Art Fair” and “Art Basel’ as the low tier art fair. With the Asia Pacific region now hosting 3 editions of the Affordable Art Fair each year, Melbourne is the sole Australian city to host it (the other cities across Asia Pacific to have their own edition are Singapore and Hong Kong). But let not the great distance deter you, this truely is a global collection of art, with over 50 galleries from all over the world descending onto Melbourne’s art scene this year.

What better venue to hold said art fair than the architectural wonder that is the Royal Exhibition Building, the high ceilings, the classic-esque style interiors reminiscent of Byzantine, Romanesque, Lombardic and Italian Renaissance styles, and operatic acoustics of the Florence Cathedral style dome, make this event an all encompassing experience of the senses.

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Catering to connoisseurs of all forms of art, paintings, sculptures, installations, photography and limited edition prints will be on display/sale, with prices starting from $100 up to $12,000.

The social side of the event was more classy and Gatsby-eque than the affordable price point would have you presume, Champagne and artisan cupakes are just some of the accoutrement that await you once you walk through the doors.

The Galleries/Art Works:

2019 marks a historic point in the Melbourne edition of the art fair, with a vast number of international galleries making the arduous trek to Australia’s fare shores, some as far reaching as Arequipa, Peru (Diverso Art Gallery); Cambridgeshire, UK (Byard Art) and Saliceto di Alseno, Italy (Palma Arte). While abstract and contemporary movements stood dominant, A.Style Gallery stood out from the rest as the sole representative of Modern and Pop Art, including a piece by Pure Evil made expressly for Affordable Art Fair Melbourne.

The fair provides the unique opportunity to peruse and purchase works from respected galleries across the globe including Jinsan Gallery, South Korea – featuring celebrated works from K-Pop artist Kwon Ji An; contemporary Italian gallery Palma Arte and Pop Art specialists Axiom Contemporary from Santa Monica, USA; VRG (Hong Kong); Tableau (South Korea); Taiko & Associates and The Tolman Collection of Tokyo (Japan); Asian Art Platform (Singapore); Chiaroni Gallery (New Zealand).

“With prices between $100 – $12,000 … there’s sure to be something to suit your space, taste and spend.”

(From The Website)

Australian galleries include Cooee Gallery from Sydney in Bondi and Paddington quality Australian Aboriginal art, and Project Gallery 90, also from Sydney and Fern Street Gallery representing a team of regional New South Wales Surf Coast artists. Melbourne local gallery Bluethumb is displaying works from Archibald Prize finalist Kim Leutwyler, cutting-edge interiors boutique Fenton & Fenton will have a number of artists from their travelling tour, The Gallery; along with fellow Victorian galleries West End Art Space, Fox Galleries, Martinich & Carran, Art to Art Gallery, Tusk Gallery, Tacit Galleries and Vernissage.

For those unable to attend this year, here is a brief collection of works that are on display

Special Projects 2019 Spotlight – Emma Hack & Cezary Stulgis:

The main drawcard for this years fair is the ever captivating Emma Hack (@emmahackartsit). Those fortunate enough to gain access during the VIP and opening night preview were able to behold a live, one off performance by the artist herself, as part of the Special Projects 2019 feature artists.

In addition to exhibiting in galleries across Australia, Hack as most notably collaborated with Grammy award winning musician “Gotye” for the music video of his hit song “Somebody That I Used to Know”. Her eye catching body of work and musical collaboration has resulted in world wide exposure and leading Emma’s work to be sort by collectors and collaborators all across the US, the UK and Europe. Emma is currently represented by Emma Hack Gallery.

Are your eyes sharp enough to differentiate living being and art in her work below?

Affordable Art Fair Melbourne 2019
Affordable Art Fair Melbourne 2019: Special Projects – Emma Hack

Next up, we have Polish born, Melbourne based artist Cezary Stulgis (@cezary_stulgis) who has crafted a series of animal sculptures specifically for the Affordable Art Fair Melbourne, titled “Anthropomorphism”, scattered around the exhibition like untamed wild dogs. Utilising welded steel, wood, and paint, Stulgis’ dogs act as silent watchers of the fair patrons. The site specific pieces, made from an otherwise otherwise harsh material, are on display throughout the various communal areas and invite visitors to take a photo with them while they silently judge them for their third glass of champagne.

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Stulgis has been commissioned for public art works in Australia, Poland and the United Kingdom. Cezary Stulgis is representd by West End Art Space.

Additional Special Projects on display this year are; “Thought Catchers” created by Australian artist Jasmine Mansbridge that will allow visitors to step inside the art works both figuratively and literally, “KĀ URI Descendants” By Greg McDonald, “The ATM Project” by Jackie Case, and a Naomi Nicholls large scale installation titled “Field of Vision”.

Affordable Art Fair Melbourne Creative Hub & Fair Tours:

In celebration of the Art Fair’s 20th Anniversary, interactive activities such as “Mindful Colouring” and “Shred it or Save it’, which will be on offer for the duration of the fair, with “Shred it or Save it” allowing you to create a work of art yourself and decide if you want to shred it through the Banksy inspired art frame, or take your masterpiece home with you.

“Contemporary Artworks from Australia and Across the Globe.”

Led by Fair Director Stephanie Kelly, The “Fair Director’s Pick’ will not only give you some top tips on collecting art, but will lead you around the galleries and artworks not to miss.

Tour Schedules:
Thursday 5 September – 7pm
Friday 6 September – 7pm
Saturday 7 September – 4pm
Sunday 8 September – 4pm

“The Affordable Art Fair” A Brief History:

The Affordable Art Fair was founded 20 years ago and has revolutionised the art market with its fun and accessible approach to art appreciation. A truly global brand with 13 fairs operating in 10 cities around the world from London, Milan, Brussels, New York, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The Affordable Art Fair is owned by Ramsay Fairs UK under the directorship of Founder, Will Ramsay. Over 2.5 million people have visited an Affordable Art Fair since its launch in London in 1999, and over AU$668m of art has been sold, demonstrating a growing demand for quality and affordable, contemporary art. Affordable Art Fair focuses on the fun side of viewing and buying art and seeks to put art into every home, large or small and whatever the budget.

The objective of the Affordable Art Fair is to disrupt and demystify the world of art and over 20 years the global brand has helped over 500,000 artworks find happy homes. The event aims to inspire art lovers and established collectors alike to discover new artists and purchase works of art. The fair places an emphasis highly visible pricing, so there are no surprises.

Globally, the Affordable Art Fair has been instrumental in launching the careers of up and coming artists, resulting in their works being picked up by galleries and museum, thanks to its Young Talent initiative.

Ticket & Event Information:

“The Affordable Art Fair, Melbourne (Spring) 2019” At Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Australia.

Exhibition Times
Friday 6 September 201912.00pm – 21.00pm
Saturday 7 September 201910.00am – 18.00pm
Sunday 8 September 201910.00am – 18.00pm

General Admission: $25 | Group of 4+: $20.50 per person | Children under 16: Free
Purchase tickets here

Planning your attack: Floor Plan.

Affordable Art Fair, Melbourne: Website | Instagram

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