Artist: Javier Martin
Country: Madrid, Spain

Using fashion portraits often taken by the artist himself, Martin uses a variety of techniques, primarily involving digital prints which have come to be his trademark. This collection of works titled “Blindless Light” involves the addition of Neon Lights to his signature digital prints of Models.

The sleek and almost feminine neon lines

The striking contrast the artist achieves through the pairing of traditional black and white photographs, and bright neon lighting, truely captures the aesthetic and inner/outer beauty his subjects posses. The sleek and almost feminine neon lines perfectly accentuate the lines and curves of the female form perfectly, and yet still portrays the message that society judges one on their exterior without looking any further.

“His sculptures are cleaned lined and mainly use monochromatic colors, such as white or gold. He frequently uses the human figure in a way to engage the viewer into understanding a beautiful masterpiece, where is main goal is for the art enthusiast to understand substantial topics from a different & human point of view.” – From the Artists website

Neon Neon neon2Neon neon4 Neon neon6 neon7 Neon Neon neon10 Neon neon12

– Photos courtesy of the artists website

Javier is currently managed by Matthew Liu Fine Arts in Shanghai and Valli Art Gallery in Miami.

Check Out the Artists website for other works here.

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