Artist: Simon Stalenhag
Country: Sweden
About The Artist: The acclaimed artist, concept designer and author of Ur Varselklotet (2014) Simon Stålenhag (b. 1984) is best known for his highly imaginative images and stories portraying illusive sci-fi phenomena in mundane, hyper-realistic Scandinavian landscapes. Ur Varselklotet was ranked by The Guardian as one of the ‘10 Best Dystopias’, in company with works such as Franz Kafkas’ The Trial and Andrew Niccols’ Gattaca.
Not only have Stålenhag’s unique and cinematic images earned him a worldwide fan base, but have also made him a go-to storyteller, concept artist and illustrator for both the film and computer gaming industry. Simon Stålenhag’s work can be seen in films such as Searching for Sugarman (2012), directed by Malik Bendjeloull, and in games such as Ripple Dot Zero (2013).

Blending the world of Science Fiction and reality, Simon perfectly captures the vision of a future far removed from utopia. Behold Simon’s Dystopian Illustrations

Dystopian Illustrations Dystopian Illustrations Dystopian Illustrations Distopian5 Distopian6 Distopian7 Distopian8 Distopian9 Distopian10 Distopian


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