Artist: Ben Young
Country: Mount Maunganui, New Zealand

Hailing from New Zealand, Ben Young is a talented sculpture artist who primarily works with laminate glass, cast concrete and bronze, to create extraordinary works of art that truly are exquisite. Each of Young’s Glass Sculptures are drawn by hand, cut and crafted from clear sheet float glass, then laminated layer upon layer to create the end result. He constructs models, draws templates, makes custom jigs and then cuts the layers with a glazier’s hand-tool.

“The way I use the glass enables me to portray so many different elements of my conceptual ideas” – The Artist

The complexity comes from the planning phase, where he says “I do a lot of thinking before I even start to draw or cut”. He then sketches the concept by hand and creates a plan using traditional technical drawing techniques: “I work with 2D shapes and have to figure out how to translate that into a 3D finished piece. Sometimes my starting point changes dramatically as I have to find a way to layer the glass to create certain shapes.”

Young has had his art exhibited alongside various well-known glass artists in galleries across Australia and internationally.

Glass Sculptures
“Wind Dancer”
Glass Sculptures
“Cast Off”
Glass Sculptures
Glass Sculptures
Glass Sculptures
Glass Sculptures
“Set Sail”
Glass Sculptures
“Seekers Thoughts”

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