Artist: Gonzalo Ausejo
Country: Doha, Qatar

In a coupling that is far from the ordinary, Qatar based designer Gonzala Ausejo has managed to make fruit as appealing and desirable as candy bars, with this Low Poly interpretation. Much like you would expect from a commercial for Starburst, these eight different fruits ooze with juices and vivid colours.

“Eating healthy has quite possibly never seemed so sexy”

His work caught enough interest that it resulted in being a featured work on Behance.

“This is a small personal protect with no advertising purposes what so ever, just for the love for art

– From The Artist

low-poly1 low-poly2 low-poly3 low-poly4 low-poly5 low-poly6 low-poly7 low-poly8

Check out the artists profile on Behance here.

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