Artist: Travis Durden
Country: Paris, France
About The Artist: It is a secret artist behind this nickname, chosen in reference to two of his cult films. The fact that it is both skilled in the art of antiquity and totally enamored of contemporary popular culture . long astonished relatives and of art history professors, subjects he studied at the Louvre school in an auditor It is in its artistic projects he has managed to gather – with gusto – its two passions. The subtle meeting of these two opposite worlds is precisely the strength and originality of his works, including his new series, on the principle of mythological beings half human, half animal, the body merges with ancient statues heads hero of the Star Wars saga. – courtesy of

Masquerading under the nom de plume “Travis Durden”, this young Parisian artist is showcasing his newest exhibit, titled “Contre Attaque” (roughly translating to “counter attack” in French) at Galerie Sakura in Paris. Inspired by George Lucas’ iconic film franchise, with Travis superimposing recognizable Star Wars characters onto photographs of Greek-inspired art works from the Louvre.

Be sure to check out the Gallery’s website for the rest of their Star Wars Themed exhibits currently on display.

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Galerie Sakura
Address: 50 Cour Saint-Emilion, 75012 Paris, France


Star Wars
Storm Reader
Star Wars
General Niobides
Star Wars
Darth Resurrection
Star Wars
Boba μονομάχος


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