The Art Of Banksy: The Unauthorised Collection. The largest collection of Banksy pieces to go on display in Sydney’s Entertainment Quarter from 13th September. 80 original works, curated by Steve Lazarides, Banksy’s former manager & photographer.

“Nobody ever listened to me until they didn’t know who i was”

– Banksy

“The Art Of Banksy” The Show:

“The Art Of Banksy” is the largest (unofficial) collection of Banksy pieces to go on show to the general public in the artists career. Opening on Friday 13th September at the Entertainment Quarter in Sydney. Generating both public disavowment from the artist himself, and excitement from international audiences, it has previously visited Melbourne, Tel Aviv, Auckland, Toronto and Miami, and now this unique exhibition comes to Australia for a limited season.

Showcasing 80 original works from 1997 to 2008, consisting of canvasses, screenprints and sculptures, this exhibit will bring together all of the artists most iconic, and recognisable works of social commentary such as “Girl With Red Balloon”, “Flower Thrower” and “Rude Copper”. In addition to this, visitors will also be granted access to Steve Lazarides’ personal archive of photographs and art collection.

“This is a one-of-a-kind exhibition. You will never again have the opportunity to see this many of Banksy’s works in one place. He is the most powerful and recognised artist of a generation, who has been completely ignored by the establishment thus far. There is no reason why there shouldn’t be a Banksy hanging in every single major contemporary art museum in the world. I’m proud that together with the collectors we have been able to assemble this unique collection currently being presented in Sweden and soon to come to Sydney,” says Steve Lazarides.

(Whilst the touring exhibition is not authorised by Banksy, the show is curated by the artists former manager, Steve Lazarides.)

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About The Artist Banksy:

While Banksy’s paints a more cynical view of society than fellow street artist/muralist Alex Face does, this perspective has led to him quickly becoming this decades most well known and discussed artists.

In a time where social media popularity is currency, Banksy is the one artist who’s core popularity stems from his lack of identity, save for his non-de-plum. This lack of identity, coupled with his activist focussed messages in his art has resulted in him being decades most converted artists. His graffiti-influenced stencil technique, often combined with anti-establishment slogans, is immediately identifiable as to is the controversy he generates in the aftermath.

“There is no reason why there shouldn’t be a Banksy hanging in every single major contemporary art museum in the world.”

– Steve Lazarides (former Manager & Photographer to Banksy)

Over the years, Banksy has carried out a considerable number of “pranks” including secretly hanging his works inside various museums around the world, such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Tate Britain museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, and the American Museum of Natural History. One of the biggest stories in the art world last year was Banksy having his “Girl with Balloon” painting go through the shredder just moments after the work was sold for nearly $1.4 million at auction.

“The Art Of Banksy” Exhibition Promotional Video:

Statement From The Artist:

“Members of the public should be aware there has been a recent spate of Banksy exhibitions none of which are consensual.”

– Banksy

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About The Curator Steve Lazarides (In His Own Words):

I fell into this art game purely by chance back in 1997. I was working as a photographer and got commissioned to take the portrait of a then little known graffiti artist who went by the name of Banksy.

Over the next 11 years I went through many different roles with him, manager, driver, photographer, dealer, spokesperson and then in 2004  gallerist. I decided that if I was to continue selling his work, and that of other artists who were around the scene at the time such as Jamie Hewlett and Invader, then we needed a semi respectable and permanent space, so Lazinc was born in an old porn emporium on Greek St. in London’s Soho.

In the ensuing 13 years we have been in a few different locations, done many offsite shows, and started up a print business, all the time we have taken great pride in nurturing upcoming talent, a couple of noteworthy artists being JR and Vhils, something we intend to continue doing.

– (Comment taken from Lazarides’ website

Ticket & Event Information:

“The Art Of Banksy: Unauthorised Private Collection” At Entertainment Quarter, Sydney.
13th September 2019 – 13th October 2019. Website.

Lunchbox Theatrical Productions in association with GTP Exhibitions.

First AdmissionExhibition Closes
Friday & Saturday11am9pm

General Admission: $32 (Starting at) | Priority Access: $36 (Starting at)
Purchase tickets here

Disclaimer: This exhibit has NOT been organised with, or endorsed by the artist in any capacity. It is an unauthorised exhibit, please treat it accordingly.

A request for comment was sent to the artist, however no response has been received.

Banksy: Website

Steve Lazarides: Twitter | Instagram | Website

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