What: Vintage Movie Posters
Where: 3500 Maple Ave 17th Floor Dallas, TX 75219
When: Nov 19, 1pm CET, Signature Floor Session, Nov 19, 6pm CET, Signature Floor Session, Nov 20, 12pm CET, Signature Internet Session.

“Featuring two movie posters from the Oscar-winning Casablanca”

In what is sure to make even the most accomplished movie memorabilia collector stop and take note, a collection of vintage movie posters will be going up for auction this weekend (19th & 20th of November) through the Heritage Auctions House in Dallas, Texas. Many of which are making their first public appearances, since their original movie debut.

Featuring two movie posters from the Oscar-winning Casablanca, a Half-Sheet Style B, and an Italian 2 Fogli measuring 3-feet by 4-feet. A collection of nearly 1000 items will be going under the auction hammer, with many of these pieces being of pre-war paper stock which is a rarity at these types of auctions.

For those of you who are unable to attend the auction in person, be sure to place your bids here on their online auction portal.

Of the many quality items up for sale during this auction, some of particular interest to movie goers and collectors alike are:

Vintage Movie Posters
“A Casablanca (Warner Brothers, R-1953), Italian 2 – Fogli (39.5″ X 55″) Luigi Martinati artwork. Estimate: US$50,000 – US$100,000”
Vintage Movie Posters
“A Casablanca (Warner Brothers, 1942), half sheet (22″ X 28″) style B. Estimate: US$ 40,000 – US $80,000”
Vintage Movie Posters
“Freaks (MGM, 1932), pre-war Belgian (24″ X 31″), alternate title: Barnum. Estimate: US$ 40,000 – US $80,000”
Vintage Movie Posters
“The Ghoul (Gaumont, 1933), British three sheet (39″ X 87″) style A, Marc Stone Artwork. Estimate: US$ $30,000 – US$60,000”
Vintage Movie Posters
“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (PEA, 1966), Italian premiere 24 sheet (Approx. 105″ X 223″) Franco Fiorenzi and Michelangelo Papuzza artwork. Estimate: US$30,000 – US$60,000”

For more information, and to check our their other auctions, please head over to ha.com

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