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Founder & Editor in Chief @ Enzpired | Representing the magazines more traditional art movements, Timothy's primary focus is within classical fine art, particularly the Dutch Golden Age and Impressionism. With a penchant for dapper suits and the english language, striking a balance somewhere between The Great Gatsby and Oscar Wilde.

Dystopian Illustrations By Simon Stalenhag

Artist: Simon Stalenhag Website: simonstalenhag.se Country: Sweden About The Artist: The acclaimed artist, concept designer and author of Ur Varselklotet (2014) Simon Stålenhag (b. 1984) is best known...

Star Wars Characters Re-Imagined As Greek Statues

Artist: Travis Durden Project: travisdurden.com Country: Paris, France About The Artist: It is a secret artist behind this nickname, chosen in reference to two of his cult films. The fact...

German Artist Hides Monsters Among Berlins Abandoned Buildings

Artist: Kim Kwacz A.K.A "Kim Köster" Project: kimkoester.com Country: Berlin, Germany Reminiscent of "Alice in Wonderland", Kim blurs the line between reality and art with his mashup of the two...

The Vivid And Captivating Illustrations Of Bram Vanhaeren

Artist: Bram Vanhaeren Website: bramvanhaeren.com Country: Antwerp, Belgium Based in Antwerp, this young designer has an almost magical ability with illustrator as is self evident in these portraits. Currently...

Cambodian Culture Comes Alive In Trees Across Paris & Berlin

Artist: Clement Briend Website: clementbriend.com Country: France Photography, in its most purest form, captures a time, a place, and an emotion. This photographer however, takes this to a very...