Richard x Zawitz

Monkey Magic! Richard x Zawitz Exhibit In Hong Kong

Artist: Richard x Zawitz Website: Country: Pennsylvania, USA "Wherever these works are placed, I can promise an emission of positive energy into the environment. I do not think it is enough to just displace space with so-called art...
Jason Ratliff

Artist Jason Ratliff Is Back With A Sequel To “Super Shadows”

Artist: Jason Ratliff Website: Country: Indiana, USA New York, NY – After his highly acclaimed collection “Super Shadows“, artist Jason Ratliff has returned with a sequel to end all sequels, with the hope of inspiring young children all over...

Walking Shadows Series Gets Super By Jason Ratliff

Artist: Jason Ratliff Website: Country: Indiana, USA After the overwhelming response to the series, he returns with “Super Shadow”, featuring portraits of kids with super hero shadows. While design is his trade, Indiana based artist Jason Ratliff says art is his true passion. From the artist: A...

Artist With Synesthesia Paints Famous Songs

Artist: Melissa McCracken Website: Country: Kansas, USA Melissa is an artist from Kansas city with a very rare and unique perception when it comes to art, as she suffers from a condition known as Synesthesia, which causes the brain...

Luminaries Lights Up NYC’s Brookfield Place With 650 Lanterns

What: Luminaries Address: Winter Garden, 230 Vesey Street, New York, USA Website: Arts Brookfield, in conjunction with architect and designer David Rockwell, have unveiled a lighting installation in Brookfield Place, NYC named “Luminaires,” and is free to the public. Guests may send a “wish” to...

KAWS Portfolio From Pace Prints For Art Basel Miami

Artist: Kaws Website: Country: New York, USA Brian Donnelly, professionally known as KAWS, is a New York-based artist and designer of limited-edition toys and clothing. Currently residing in Brooklyn, New York, he has teamed up with Art Basel...

Thrift Store Paintings Get Overtaken By Pop Culture Icons

Artist: David Pollat Website: Country: Rochester, USA About the artist (from his website): My story didn't really get interesting until 2010, when I met a quirky young lady named Becca. Becca loved (still does) nothing more than to shop...