Many Maps

Create Custom Designer Map Prints With Many Maps

Anyone who has used Google Maps, can attest that there are some truly beautiful cities around the world. Thanks to a website called "Many Maps" you can now bring a touch of design to...

Make Your Home Stand Out With The Help Of Duffy London

Duffy London, purveyors of signature pieces worthy of your attention. Every gentleman knows, that they must portray an image of sophistication in all areas of their life, and as the author W. Clement Stone once...

Cambodian Culture Comes Alive In Trees Across Paris & Berlin

Artist: Clement Briend Website: Country: France Photography, in its most purest form, captures a time, a place, and an emotion. This photographer however, takes this to a very real and hauntingly beautiful level. French photographer Clement Briend and his...

Luminaries Lights Up NYC’s Brookfield Place With 650 Lanterns

What: Luminaries Address: Winter Garden, 230 Vesey Street, New York, USA Website: Arts Brookfield, in conjunction with architect and designer David Rockwell, have unveiled a lighting installation in Brookfield Place, NYC named “Luminaires,” and is free to the public. Guests may send a “wish” to...

Thrift Store Paintings Get Overtaken By Pop Culture Icons

Artist: David Pollat Website: Country: Rochester, USA About the artist (from his website): My story didn't really get interesting until 2010, when I met a quirky young lady named Becca. Becca loved (still does) nothing more than to shop...
Thailand Toy Expo

Thailand Toy Expo 2020: Online Edition With VR

As the Designer Toy scene continues its global expansion, We check out the Thailand toy Expo and how they have reinvented their exhibition through the the use of Virtual Reality with their Online Edition...
Sydney Opera House

Explore Sydney Opera House in 360° With The Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Step inside the Sydney Opera House and explore the wonders that await inside, thanks to Google's Virtual Museum and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, and see for yourself why this it truly is an icon of Australia. If...