Make Your Home Stand Out With The Help Of Duffy London

Duffy London, purveyors of signature pieces worthy of your attention. Every gentleman knows, that they must portray an image of sophistication in all areas of their life, and as the author W. Clement Stone once...
Alex Face

Motivation, Inspiration & Social Change With Street Artist Alex Face

Bangkok's street art according to Alex Face, the origins behind "Mardi", and how street art is being increasingly used for social change. A lively and bustling metropolis, Bangkok caters all type of people and their...

Thrift Store Paintings Get Overtaken By Pop Culture Icons

Artist: David Pollat Website: Country: Rochester, USA About the artist (from his website): My story didn't really get interesting until 2010, when I met a quirky young lady named Becca. Becca loved (still does) nothing more than to shop...
Van Gogh Alive

Van Gogh Alive: The Multi-Sensory Experience Arrives In Sydney, Australia

Van Gogh Alive, is a large-scale, multi-sensory experience chronicling the life of renowned artist Vincent Van Gogh. Having already inspired over 6 million people, and 50 cities around the world, it now makes its...
Glass Sculptures

Exquisite Concrete & Glass Sculptures By Ben Young

Artist: Ben Young Website: Country: Mount Maunganui, New Zealand Hailing from New Zealand, Ben Young is a talented sculpture artist who primarily works with laminate glass, cast concrete and bronze, to create extraordinary works of art that truly...
Richard x Zawitz

Monkey Magic! Richard x Zawitz Exhibit In Hong Kong

Artist: Richard x Zawitz Website: Country: Pennsylvania, USA "Wherever these works are placed, I can promise an emission of positive energy into the environment. I do not think it is enough to just displace space with so-called art...
Vivid Colours

Artist Brings Europe to Life In Vivid Colours

Artist: Leonid Afremov Website: Country: Vitebsk, Belarus Using his preferred medium of oils and a palette knife, Belarusian artist Leonard Afremov creates artworks with such vivid colours your sense of reality could very well be in question. "Leonid Afremov is a...