KAWS: Companionship In The Age Of Loneliness At NGV

Admired for his larger-than-life sculptures, iconified for his collectable figurines (often demanding high prices online), American artist KAWS makes his major debut at NGV from the 20th September to 13th April 2020,...

Walking Shadows Series Gets Super By Jason Ratliff

Artist: Jason Ratliff Website: jason-ratliff.com Country: Indiana, USA After the overwhelming response to the series, he returns with “Super Shadow”, featuring portraits of kids with super hero shadows. While design is his trade, Indiana based artist Jason Ratliff says art is his true passion. From the artist: A...
Hipster Statues

French Photographer Turns Louvre Art Into Hipster Statues

New York City's lower east side merges with Parisian chic as these classical greek sculptures are transformed into Hipster Statues. Artist: Leo Caillard Project: Hipster In Stone (Hipster Statues) Country: Paris, France Website: leocaillard.com After spending a day at the Louvre in Paris, photographer Leo...

Cambodian Culture Comes Alive In Trees Across Paris & Berlin

Artist: Clement Briend Website: clementbriend.com Country: France Photography, in its most purest form, captures a time, a place, and an emotion. This photographer however, takes this to a very real and hauntingly beautiful level. French photographer Clement Briend and his...
The Lady And The Unicorn

16th Century French Tapestry “The Lady And The Unicorn” at Art Gallery of NSW

One of the rarest medieval French Tapestry masterworks in history, "The Lady And The Unicorn" is currently on display at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, marking the third time in...

Dark & Atmospheric Urban Cityscapes By Jeremy Mann

Artist: Jeremy Mann Website: redrabbit7.com Country: San Francisco, USA By utilizing techniques such as surface staining, the use of solvents to wipe away paint, and the application of broad, gritty marks with an ink brayer, San Francisco based artist Jeremy...
Richard x Zawitz

Monkey Magic! Richard x Zawitz Exhibit In Hong Kong

Artist: Richard x Zawitz Website: richardxzawitz.com Country: Pennsylvania, USA "Wherever these works are placed, I can promise an emission of positive energy into the environment. I do not think it is enough to just displace space with so-called art...